1st - $250 VISA card

2nd -$50 Applebee's gc 

NOVEMBER "featured locations": THURSDAYS; TrickShots Winter Park at 7pm and Bobby G's at 7:30pm. That's double entries!!

 Monthly tournament on SUNDAY, 12/10 at 2:30pm. Must be on the list to play.

 If you are trying to register for the Food Drive on 11/19, and it is after 5pm on Saturday, you will need to show up Sunday at 6:30pm at TrickShots Winter Park with canned food and $30. If we have available seats, you are welcome to them.

  $100 visa card giveaway on SUNDAY, 11/5 at TrickShots Winter Park at 7pm PLUS the 3rd FRIDAY of the month (11/17) at Bobby G's at 7:30pm.