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Do you want to...

  Increase Your Revenue?

    Attract New Patrons?

       Be A Part Of The Poker Phenomenon?

If so, you need All in Poker Series to host a FREE Texas Hold'em Tournament at your establishment. All in Poker Series facilitates first class Texas Hold'em tournaments throughout the greater Central Florida area.

How it works?

  • Free for your customers to play in Tournaments
  • Each player receives 2,000 units in chips
  • There are dealers at EVERY table
  • Blinds start at 25/50 & increase every 13-15 minutes
  • Points are given to the top players of each tournament
  • Points are accumulated and the top point leaders are invited to an “Invite Only” tournament for prizes
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What We Provide?

We provide your customers with hours of entertainment!!!

We provide each venue with the following:
  • 10-Person Texas Hold ‘em table tops
  • Tables and Chairs (if applicable)
  • Casino-Style Poker Chip
  • Friendly Dealers
  • Knowledgeable Tournament Director
  • Advertising
  • Prizes and Giveaways


Our pricing is competitive with other forms of entertainment such as live bands, DJ’s and karaoke. Pricing is based on the number of tables/participants.

  1. You only pay for the number of players that attend event!!!
  2. There are NO long-term contracts

Our goal is to provide quality entertainment for your customers at the best possible price to you. Please contact one of our account executives to  determine the pricing for your location.

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