Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to play?

A: Its FREE!! We provide free poker tournaments to our customers.

Q: Are there prizes for winning?

A: Prizes will be awarded to the winner at each of the Monthly & Tri Annual Invite only tournaments. At nightly events the top 10% will earn points/entries to qualify for Monthly & Tri Annual Invite Only tournaments. There are no cash prizes and points are not redeemable for cash.  Some of our bars will give bar tabs to the winners.

Q: What type of game is played?

A: The tournament is a Texas Hold‘em no limit style tournament with poker chips that have no cash value. There is a blind structure, as well as, timed rounds.

Q: What are the points good for?

A: Points/Entries will be used for invite only tournaments (monthly and tri annual).

Q: How are loyalty points accumulated at each event?

A:  The top 10% at each tournament will receive points/entries to monthly and tri annual tournaments.  For example, at a two table tournament, the winner gets 1.5 entries and the 2nd place player gets 1 entry to the monthly tournament.

Q: How many points do we receive in the Single Table Tournaments?

A: The winner every Single Table Tournament receives an entry to the monthly tournament.

Q: Is this tournament legal?

A: After extensive research and legal consultation, we believe that the entertainment provided is in full compliance with the law.

Q: How do I host a tournament or become a sponsor?

A: Contact us at or call us at 407-415-2559 and an Account Executive will contact you.


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